Lab Camp 23' - A drummer's paradise

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 - 20:00
Ok, this was a drummer's paradise. Period!
Lab campers, you're the best!
61 drummers from 4 continents and 14 countries, shared their passion for music for 6 unforgettable days!
Our deepest gratitude to:
Our amazing teachers
Eric Moore Professional Drummer
Gergo Borlai
Dave DiCenso
George Kollias Official
Dali Mraz
Our house band
Michael Evdemon (Bass)
Marios Ioannou (Drums)
Fay Genevieve Karastergiou (Vocals)
Spyros Georgantas (Guitar)
Our sponsors
GEWA Drums
Wincent Drumsticks - Official
Remo Inc.
Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums)
The DRUMstore
Domaine Nikolaou
Monster Energy
Λογοθέτης Γιάννης
Our lab camp crew
Iraklis Loukakis
Nikos Anastasiadis
Dimitris Kanellis
Sotiris Konstantakis
Marco Zambruni
Boyan Bonzy Georgiev
Manos Nazlis
Our sound engineer
Ανδρεας Λεωνιδης
Our film crew
T. Sykiotis
Alexandros Detsis
And last but not least, TheRanch because we just can't think of a better place to host this.
Till next year lab campers...